Asfalt Tous Palayesh Qeshm


ATPQ at a Glance

Asfalt Tous  Company was established in 1975  with almost half a century of history, including a main company and several subsidiaries, as a company active in the field of oil and gas, industry and mining projects and with  level 1 contractor qualification in the field of oil and gas, long and successful records and Approved by respected employers, this company has been approved by the respected Ministry of Oil as one of the competent companies in various industrial and mining projects, especially coastal and offshore projects.

Asfalt Tous Palayesh Qeshm (ATPQ) Company, as one of the subsidiaries of Asfalt Tous Company Holding, is one of the leading private companies in the field of contracting the implementation of oil, gas and water pipelines on land and sea, installation of refinery equipment, petrochemical complexes, water well facilities and The implementation of flow pipelines, installation and equipment of oil storage tanks and oil pump houses and gas pressure boosting stations; With the benefit of modern knowledge and the use of expert and modern technology, it has been able to leave a lasting and reliable name in the construction and development of our beloved country.