Gurreh-Jask Pump Station No.2 (EPCC Project)

  • Project Type

    Oil Transportaion Pipelines

  • Location

    Bushehr Province/ Iran

  • Client

    Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)

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  • Tags

    oil, Transportaion Pipelines

Project Introduction

This project, in the form of EPC (review and validation of basic engineering design, detailed design and purchasing engineering / supply of project goods / construction and installation / conducting necessary tests, pre-commissioning, commissioning and performance testing and 72-hour management assistant and efficiency tests) have been done. The project is located in Bushehr province, southeast of Ahram city, approximately 148 kilometers of Gore/Jask pipeline.

The purpose of this project is to send light/heavy crude oil and extra-heavy crude oil from Gore to Jask, through the construction of the “42” Gore Jask crude oil pipeline with a length of approximately 993 km, the source pump house is located in the vicinity of Petromid Asia reservoirs located in Bushehr province. And there are four intermediate pump houses, two pig receiving/sending facilities and Jask terminal, electricity transmission lines to pump houses and other necessary facilities along the pipeline to transfer one million barrels per day of heavy and light crude oil


Project Sections

  • Construction of pump house number 2 facilities
  • Conducting routing, mapping and geological studies and designing the water transmission line from the branch point to the water storage tank in each of the stations.
  • Side facilities (balancing tanks for crude oil storage, installation of pumps, process facilities, security, telecommunication system, cathodic protection system, power supply for pump house, mechanical facilities of buildings, receiving and sending smart ball system)

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