Qeshm Heavy Crude oil Refinery (PCC Project)

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    Qeshm Island/Persian Gulf

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    Pars Behin Palayesh Qeshm Company

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Project Introduction

The construction project of Qeshm Heavy Crude oil Refinery-Phase 1 was awarded to Asphalt toos Company on 11/2/2016 by Pars Behin Palayesh Qeshm Company as the clint.

Asfalt Tous Palayesh Qeshm Company as the main contractor for the purchase, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning of Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery project from the client of the project, Pars Behin Oil Refinery Qeshm Company, which is a subsidiary of Pasargad Energy Development Company. He started his activity in this project in 2017. This refinery is one of the largest producers of bitumen in Iran, which is designed in two phases with similar products.

The first phase of the refinery (35,000 barrels per day) with the efforts of the company’s personnel has now reached the stage of exploitation and product sales. Each phase of this refinery has the capacity to produce one million tons of penetrating bitumen with grades of 50/40, 70/60, 100/85 and about 5,700,000 barrels of light oil cut per year. The design of this refinery has been done in such a way that light crude oil can be converted into naphtha, kerosene and diesel cuts if needed, and it is the only bitumen producer with “crude oil feed” that uses refining and storage facilities. And its own dock as a single complex, while having a strategic location, will have quality advantages and easy access for its customers.

The scope of the project includes commercial procurement services and procurement and supply of materials, manufacturing and testing, and pre-commissioning and commissioning for process departments, facilities and other units such as lighting, telecommunications, etc., which are included in the scope of the project.

The main volumes implemented in the project :

  • 210,000 inch diameter piping operations
  • Cabling 650 km
  • Installation of fixed equipment of 3,000 tons
  • Installation of rotating equipment of 500 tons
  • Implementation of complementary metal works of 1,000 tons
  • Implementation of supplementary concrete works of 12,500 tons
  • Implementation of non-industrial buildings of 2,300 square meters

Project Sections

  • Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit (35,000 barrels per day)
  • Crude oil distillation unit including desalination, furnaces, towers and converters
  • Sour Water Stripping Unit (23000 kg/hr)
  • Nitrogen Production Unit
  • Reservoirs and feed and refinery product transfer facilities
  • Water distribution system (refinery cooling water, drinking water and fire fighting water)
  • Liquid Fuel Oil and Natural Fuel Gas Unit and Distribution.
  • Plant and Instrument Air production and Distribution Unit
  • Flare Unit
  • Waste Water Treatment Unit (Including Waste Water and Sewage Treatment and Disposal)
  • Electrical and Telecommunication System
  • Instrumentation and Control System
  • Industrial and non-Industrial Buildings
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