June 3, 2019

Qeshm Oil Terminal (EPCC Project)

  • Project type

    Oil Reservior Tanks

  • Location

    Qeshm Island/Persian Gulf

  • Client

    Qeshm Oil Investment Company (QOT)

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  • Tags

    Oil Reservior Tanks

Project Introduction

Engineering operations, purchase and construction and commissioning of the second phase of Qeshm oil terminal including oil and gas condensate storage under the title of Qeshm Oil Terminal Storage Tank Completion Project (PACKAGE-1) from Qeshm Oil Investment Company (QOIC) to the company Toos Asphalt Refining Qeshm (ATPQ) was handed over.

This Project intended to increase capacity of existing onshore storage plant (OSP) for Transfer/Receive and Store Iranian Heavy Crude Oil as well as Extra Heavy Crude Oil and Gas Condensate.

The mentioned project is EPCC and the purpose of this project is to receive, store and send heavy crude oil and gas condensate, for this purpose, to develop the storage area (OSP) to increase the storage capacity to 6,500,000 barrels in the oil terminal. Qeshm, located on Qeshm Island


Project Sections

  1. The construction of 3 external floating roof storage tanks with a capacity of 540 thousand barrels each and dimensions of 100 meters x 14.4 along with the operation inside the Dike Wall area of ​​the mentioned tanks in the form of EPC1 package.
  2. Additional operations related to the entire terminal and offsite in the form of EPC4 package including but not limited to :
  • Fi-Fi System, Safety and Security System
  • Electrical and Telecommunication System
  • Instrumentation and Control System
  • Human Welfare System, Buildings, Roads
  • Crude & Condensate Transfer System
  • OWS System, CHD System, Fresh Water System
  • Potable Water System, Waste Water Treatment System
  • Seawater Intake System, Fuel System
  • Desalination Package, Maintenance System
  • Green Space and Environmental Protection System

Project  Progress  Comparison

Before After

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