South of Iran Island Wastewater Treatment Project

  • Project Type

    Petrochemical Methanol

  • Location

    6 Islands

  • Client

    Continental Shelf Oil Company

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Project Introduction

The operational scope of this project is in the areas of Kharg, Behrgan, Siri, Lawan, Kish, Qeshm, Abu Dhar platform, Salman platform.

All enforcement operations in the regions have been carried out in two parts: land and sea.

Project start date :  2011 – 2 –  27

Project completion date : 2015 – 3 –  20


Project Specification

Scope of Land Work :
  • Topographic mapping operations, soil testing and structural studies
  • Construction of treatment house, control room and surrounding area
  • Cabling and installation of ambient lighting system and earthing of all electrical equipment
  • Installation of mechanical equipment (Reactor, Clarifier, Skimmer pump and Air blower  )
  • Buying and building suitable PLC control systems and related electrical panels
  • Implementation of irrigation network in each camp
  • Implementation of water storage tanks
Scope of Sea Work :
  • Platform development and installation and commissioning of old sewage treatment packages in Salman and Abu Dhar platforms
  • Purchase and installation of power transformer and electrical equipment of Abuzar platform
  • Buying, transporting, installing and setting up the nitrogen package of the Abuzar platform
  • Purchase, transportation, installation and start-up of 18 pumps of the Abu Dhar platform

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